yorkie puppy breeders


We Provide The Best Yorkie Breeds

we provide the best yorkie breeds ever and we have been in the breeding industry for some years now. We are blessed to start our breeding program with exceptional breeds. specimens that resulted from dedication and hard work of many generations of breeders in the USA and around the world. Now it is our turn to share our success with fellow breeders – our Yorkshire Terriers are making an impact in show rings and whelping boxes not only in Western hemisphere but in many European countries as well.
Our puppies are properly cared for, properly fed, very well socialized and vetted when ever needed. Although we do often produce show quality puppies, we do not guarantee our puppies to be of show quality as there is really no way to predict how a puppy will look in adulthood. We try to predict weight based on their parents, however feeding and normal growth can factor in to adult weight.

Our Puppies are hand raised by us

Each of our puppies are born and raised right here in our home. We do not accept puppies from any one else for any reason. Our puppies are socialized from the day that they are born, we handle them to make them comfortable with human contact right away. This handling and playing continues until the puppies go home so they are always as socialized as possible by the time they are 8 weeks old. This is actually a huge part of why we love what we do. Earning an animal's trust and showing them how great it is to be loved by humans is a blessing. It also helps our puppies adapt to people in a new home, making the transition easier on the adopters as well.


Training does begin here. Not only do we socialize our babies, we also start them on pad training, crate training and whenever possible "should the adopter name their puppy" we teach the puppies their names before they go home in hopes to make training much easier on both the puppy and the adopter once the puppy has been placed in his or her new home. The extent of training that we can do here is limited only to the puppy's individual age, understanding and willingness to learn. We try our best to work with each individual puppies based on their comfort and skill levels. Most puppies do very well.


It is recommended that potential adopters read as much as they can here on our site to learn about the breed they may be adopting, to learn about puppy dangers, risks, what to expect and more. We have tabs all around our site to help you with feeding, training, and much more. Please use this information to help you decide if adopting a puppy of any breed is right for you. A puppy is a lifetime commitment that should not be taken lightly. That being said if you have second thoughts or fears about adding a puppy to your home. It may be best to wait until you are officially ready.