Having the chance to get my baby from you was a blessing. We could see their temperament and personality so we would know what Max would be like. Tammer yorkies was amazing and talked us through the whole process. Even after bringing home Max, he was always available for questions. It’s hard for us to put into words how great of a dog Max is. He has personality like no other, he is a funny sleeper (he snores and sleeps on his back), he is so excited to see us every morning (even though he sleeps right beside us), he loves to play outside, he loves tug of war, he says hello to everyone as we walk him. He has become out best friend and our little guy. Even as I type this, he is laying on my feet to keep me warm and as soon as I am done, he will give me tons of kisses and a look of pure love. We adore him, and are so grateful to Anthony and his entire family especially the friendly nature of your kids, for the amazing experience he has provided to us.



Fairfax, Virginia


Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism. I have one of your precious puppies and several of my friends have puppies from you, too. The puppies are healthy and happy and you are wonderful to work with… always fulfilling every detail of our agreements throughout the entire transaction. in my opinion, you are the best of the best of Yorkshire breeders.

John DBoss

Austin, Texas


At first, I was hesitant to use online service for and undertaking as important as finding a puppy, but the wide selection of quality breeders and numerous positive reviews overcame this reluctance. Any concerns i had were eliminated by the care shown by Cheddah yorkie rep. He was attentive and proactive. he showed that he cared for the puppy and wanted to ensure that both puppy and owner would be well taken care of. The communication and hand-holding throughout the entire process far exceeded expectations. And now my family has a wonderful addition, a healthy, happy beautiful puppy we have names Mungo.

Stephen M

Sacramento, CA